Meat Machinery

Used & Reconditioned Meat Machinery

Used & Reconditioned Meat Machinery

Used & Reconditioned Meat Machinery

Boyd Food Machinery is a specialist within the meat processing industry, supplying used and remanufactured individual meat machines and complete meat plants and factories worldwide, to both the slaughter and further processing sectors.

We supply high quality second hand meat processing equipment for red meat and white meat producers. Meat machinery for the slaughter, cut up and further processing of lamb, pork, mutton, goat meat, beef, poultry, ducks, geese, hens, chickens, buffalo, bison, broilers, turkey meat or the manufacture of pet food. Complete slaughtering factories purchased and sold worldwide.

Meat Recovery

  • Meat & bone separator & meat recovery systems by Lima, Beehive & Stork Protecon, AM2C, Sepamatic.
  • Soft separators by Baader and Sepa.

Slicing, Bandsaws and Cutting Systems

Aplina, Seydelman, Laska, Kramer & Grebe, CFS Gigaslicer, CFS Megaslicer, Weber, AEW, Biro, Butcher Boy, Marel, Scanvaegt Thurne, Webber.

Cooker / Smoker / Smokehouse / Oven

Dry roast and steam ovens with and without smoking facilities – Afos, Doleschal, Bastra, Double D, Vemag, Berief, Gernal, Stork, Kerres, Schröter, Schroeter, JBT Food Tech.


Cutters, Kutter, Silent Cutters, Bowl Cutter, Bowl Chopper - Alpina, CFS, Seydelmann, Kramer and Grebe, Laska, Fatosa, Kilia.

Meat Dicer

Machinery by Magurit, Trief, Urschel, Holac, MHS, GMC, Ruhle, FAM.

Meat Grinder

Mincer, grinder, slicer cutter, mixer grinder or paddle mixer grinder. Size reduction by Weiler, Biro, Seydelmann, Fatosa, Urschel Comitrol, Wolfking, Thompson Machinery and CFS models CFS autogrind, CFS Combigrind, CFS Combigrind, CFS Maxigrind and CFS Unigrind, Wolf, Fleishwolf, Vlees.

Meat Flaker

  • Frozen block flakers by Laska, Butcher Boy, Magurit & Reiser, Rotoclaw, GMC Hydroflaker/Hydrauflaker, Ruhle.

Frozen Block Grinders

  • Fresh or frozen block mincers by Palmia, Seydelmann, CFS & AutoGrind, Wolfking, Kilia, Weiler, Simo.

Meat Mixer

  • Mixing product in cement mixer style mixers, paddle, ribbon, Z-arm, Z blade mixers. With or without vacuum in automatic blenders, Mischer, Menger.
  • Hobart, Leischa, Lutetia, Wolfking, Velati, Risco Brevetti & Fatosa, Biro, Alco, Scansteel, Lozelli and the CFS Unimix range.


Emulsified meat products such as Frank Furter, Mortadella, Luncheon Meat, Pate, Franks and Hot Dog Sausages. Contains products produced from KS, Karl Schnell, Risco, Stephen, Seydelmann Konti-Kutter, and CFS EcoCut also known as "microcutters" and "low boy" cutters.


Tumbled meat and poultry products for maximum tenderness and yield – Lutetia, Gunther, Inject Star, Dorit, Henneken, Metalquimia, Eller, Heller, Barsso and the CFS ScanBrine and ScanMidi, ScanMine massagers.

Packing / Packaging / Wrapping / Thermoforming / Tray Sealing

Make your own meat products case-ready by using out packaging equipment. Pre-weigh by multi-head weighers for optimum efficiency. Ishida, Yamato, Scanvaegt, Marel, UVA, Sandiacre, Bosch, VC999, Omori, CVP, Multivac, Variovac, Darfresh, Braywood, llpra, Packaging Automation, P.A, Supervac, Swissvac, Cryovac, Freemantle, Jacob White, Reiser, Ross, Bradlock, Bradman, Lake, Bradlok, Saxon, Multipond, MAP, Roschermatic, Henkelmann, Inno-tech, Prewa, CFS Powerpak, CFS Compact, CFS Twinstar, CFS Smartpacker, Tiromat, ScanCombinator, ScanBatcher, ScanWeigher.

Vacuum Fillers / MEAT STUFFERS

Automatic filling and portioning for meat products and vacuum stuffers - Vemag, Handtmann, Frey, Risco Brevetti, Cato, Schrofner, Fuller, Townsend.

Injectors / Brine / Pickle Injecting

Brine injectors enhance quality and yeild in red meat, pork, poultry and fish products. CFS ValueJector, CFS ProJector, CFS AccuJector, CFS YieldJector, Pokomat, Townsend, Stork, Wolfking, Gunther, Dorit, Fomaco, Suhner.